Relief From Night Sweats and Hot Flashes Caused by Menopause

By Debi Swift

The change in life otherwise known as menopause has many symptoms that women experience. Two of these symptoms, night sweats and hot flashes, relate to the body’s ability to regulate heat. The imbalance in the hormone estrogen is what causes the uncomfortable symptoms.

Naturally, there are some things you can do to relieve these unpleasant bodily reactions. Dressing in layers is one way to prepare for hot flashes. If you think that you might have hot flashes during the day, you can prepare by dressing in layers so that you may remove layers when they occur and then put them back on when the problem subsides. Another way to deal with them is to have cold water close by that you can sip on to cool your body.

As for night sweats, women report that they sometimes wake up experiencing heat and sweating profusely. Sometimes they fear that it is a symptom of a serious health issue. While menopause isn’t life threatening, it is a time of complications and bodily changes that must be dealt with and being prepared is one of your best defenses. Have a cold glass of water beside the bed and have layers of bed clothing rather than just one heavy cover.

Stress may cause both symptoms or worsen them so avoiding stressful situations when possible is always a good idea. Of course, in our world and our complicated lives, avoiding stress isn’t always an option. Some members of the medical profession have advocated estrogen replacement therapy. The estrogen replacement is actually a synthetic form of estrogen. Possible links to breast cancer, however, have brought that solution into disfavor with some people.

Some women have found menopause relief from supplements and herbs such as, black cohosh, don quai, rhubarb root, and chasteree berry, to name just a few. These herbs that are gentle and soothing do not replace estrogen or trick the body into producing more estrogen, as some people believe. The natural phytoestrogen found in plants does produce the same benefits of estrogen in the body without harmful side effects.

While modern chemicals and medicines have only been used for decades and the long term effects are still unknown, the natural herbs used to relieve the symptoms of menopause have been used for centuries and have a long history of safety when used sensibly. Another feature that women find attractive is that they are readily available online and at local health food stores.

Debi Swift, the owner of Endless Herbs Natural Foods, has developed the formula for EZ Meno’Pause A natural and safe herbal remedy. Endless Herbs is a small company run by women and we use our own experience to develop our products and yes, we use them ourselves. We chose each ingredient through our own experiences and we are proud of the results and our repeat customers.

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